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  • Are you tired of leaving money on the table every time you speak?
  • Have you been procrastinating about using public speaking as a tool for promoting your business/practice?
  • Are you missing out on connecting with your ideal clients because you aren’t reaching everyone in the room?

Elizabeth Bachman

The Number 1 Internationally Renowned Opera Director and Presentation Skills Coach

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If you are ready to:

 Feel completely at home in front of any audience
 Speak with Power, Charisma and Confidence
 Wow your Audience Beyond Mere Words

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As an International Opera Director, I have spent the past 30 years teaching opera singers a proven system for how to Be Fabulous on stage. Now YOU can benefit from these techniques.

The director doesn’t go on stage. What I do is pull the best out of YOU so that you can:

 Speak from your power, while remaining true to yourself
 Truly communicate with your people
 Reach every ear — and every heart — in the audience

We will work together to polish your presentation, jazz up your act and close more sales!

Speaking in public is one of the fastest ways to get new clients. If you have been procrastinating because you weren’t sure what to say, or you were nervous about standing up in front of a group, then you have come to the right place!

With Be Fabulous you will learn:

  • Ways to make Stage Fright work FOR you
  • Tips on getting back on track without anyone noticing
  • The secret to getting your audience on your side, so that they want to work with you before you even start speaking

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